The Effects of Gaming

Positive impact


The main attraction of playing video games is the enjoyment many people derive from it. There are all types of video games that would satisfy people for their needs. I personally was drawn to Role-Playing games and First-Person Shooters. I found the progression and skill aspects of these games so inticing. Even though I do not spend nearly as much time playing video games now, I often times find myself looking at the Store section of Steam waiting for titles that may catch my attention. Video games remain as a large part of my childhood and play an even bigger role in my teenage years.

Social Aspect

The main draw I had towards video games was being able to communicate with my friends during my early years. Even in present day where social media has largely taken over many people's lives, I find a very large portion of people around my age are still playing video games online. I have found competitve play between my friends has been incredibly fun.

It is very easy to join an online community where thousands of people share similar interests. In real-life, it is quite difficult to accomplish the same tasks. Especially for someone introverted like me, it has been a great experience being part of some of these communities.